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Mar 10, 2002
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Brian, Elkhunter, anyone else who has used one. Brian evidently isn't avail. right now, and I'm right at the stage of hooking up a camera and PIR to a timer. There is 1 pad for the 1/2 Press, 1 pad for the common, and 3 pads for the shutter. I'm sure I'm overlooking something, but which one of the 3 do I use, and what do I do with the other 2? If anyone could help, I would appriciate it.



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Jan 19, 2002
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HH,  Bummer, hate to think of you having to sit there all day and not get the camera together.  Hopefully you figured it out, but here goes anyway.

I don't use brians board, I make my own, but I'm pretty sure he laid them out like his schematic.   The far right board should be the 1/2 press or refresh.  The second from the right should be common.  You can tell if that common is the trace with the jumper.  The third or middle should be the shutter.  The other two are for a digital setup.  Brian probably needs to say for sure.  

Here is how you can tell for sure what's what.  From Right (#1) to left (#5) The 1/2 press #1 will be isolated when not actuated, ie no continuity with any of the other 4 pads.   Common, #2,  should be connected to #4  (check with a meter or follow the traces).  #3 should be connected to #5.  If you remove the jumper,  #2 and #4 should no longer be connected.  They may be laid out in reverse order, left to right, so check it both ways.  I wrote this from memory so I'll dig up the schematic and verify.  If I don't repost, this is correct.  I'll do it right away, as soon as I get the kids in bed.

Good luck,  

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Jul 30, 2001
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Sorry but I didn't get online this weekend.  Been busy.

ArkansasElkHunter is right.

Looking at the pads from the back of the board with the pads to the right.

Half press(refresh) is the far right pad.
Next is the common and finally is the shutter.

Ignore the other two pads they are for digital and do nothing when using the 35MM with the jumper on.

Sorry for the delay.

Thanks a million for the help ArkansasElkHunter.

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