Browning BAR Short trac. Anybody got one?


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Boy, alcohol and Internet gun shopping do not mix! After the super bowl on Sunday night, I decided I needed a new Browning BAR short trac in .308 from Buds. I've been wanting one for hog hunting for a long time, and after shooting a nice boar hog in Florida last week with a .308, I decided to get a BAR. There doesn't seem to be any good Browning forums, or much info on them in general online. Any of you GT'ers own one and care to share your opinion on it? The one I got is last years model. Not the new MK3's. No BOSS system either.


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You wont regret owning the browning bar .use to have the 308 and i regret selling it. still have the 30-06 and the 270 .we killed elk deer and pig between the three of us in the family. buy an extra magazine and your all set. you dont need a boss from our experience .


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Ok, so picked up the .308 BAR ShortTrac yesterday from my FFL. I mounted the Steiner GS3 2-10x42 scope on it last night, and took it to the range this morning to break it in. Absolutely astounded by the accuracy of the rifle and the super high quality of the glass on it.

Rifle Performance/Operation:
The rifle shot successive rounds quickly and flawlessly. Recoil was typical .308 recoil, felt but manageable. I used two different Browning box magazines, both functioned fine without issues. All of the springs are very stiff (bolt and mags), which also made for a very tight bolt lockup, even when releasing the bolt from halfway. The barrel became too hot to touch after about 5-6 quick shots, which is as good as I could expect. Luckily, there was no significant performance difference with a hot barrel vs. cold barrel. I'm 5'11" at 250 lbs. and the rifle and stocks were comfortable and fit my ergonomics and LOP well. The scope sits about 1/8" off the barrel, but the magnification dial is only about 1/16" off the receiver. Either way, it clears and makes for a nice low profile. However, that 18 oz. scope plus rings makes a 6.5 lb. rifle feel a bit on the heavy side. It does soak up the mild .308 recoil well.

I really took my time to break in the barrel this morning, and I'm glad I did. All at 50 yards, shot 20 Federal Fusion 180 grain, one at a time, cleaning the barrel and letting it cool between each shot. Then shot the crap out of it with some other ammo, Federal Soft Points and Hornady Superformance Match BTHP both in 180 grains. Then shot some Federal Premium Sierra Gameking in 165 grain to try it out. The Federal blue box shot the best, creating successive clover leafs over and over again. The Fusions came in second, with 1/2-3/4" groups. Fusion will be my hunting ammo for pigs, deer, and bear. The Superformance BTHP 180 grains shot Ok, but were noticeably hotter and flatter due to the higher mv. Surprisingly, I was getting 1"+ groups at 50 yards with the Federal Premium Sierra Gamekings in 165 grains. I'm curious how the lighter, all copper loads will shoot when the time comes to use those.

That's my review. Here's some crappy cell phone pics:
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Looks very, very nice.

So jealous, hope maybe some day to get one of those in a .243.

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