Buck never was one for making life easy


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<wiping tears> That's a real hearbreaker. The only time I ever saw my dad cry was when he came home from putting his Golden Retriever down. That dog was the most amazing retriever and family friend anyone could ever hope for.


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I think the reason it hits home. Is because we've all experienced that before, at least I have. And it's good to remember the old dogs that have past on. Good times and bad.


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So true on the old dogs that have passed it still brings tears to my eyes
and i allways put in a good word with the man above for them.


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Thanks, I did send him a mail. For all of us and those that don't have their own dogs, but hunt with them, and see the very powerful impact that the dogs have in our lives, this is not a lesson but a life educating experience. Not just hunting but all that incombers our lives. That was a very cool and sad story, yet uplifting for those of us that have dogs that piss us off to no end and at the same time show their heart time and time again never ending their life, driven to hunt. But someday it happens to all.

An excellent reminder to EVERYONE, enjoy your life; hunt, fish, and be happy. Nobody can promise tomarrow.

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