Buckshot 35


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Jun 29, 2001
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The film developing deal is a real hassle for me so I never bought a trail camera. It is an hour flight to and from my hunting area and when I go, I go to hunt so any information I might glean from the photographs is useless since it comes well after my hunt.

The perfect solution is a digital trail camera in a heavily protected case. Bears love to eat these things. You could review the exposures right on the spot, assuming the camera had the review screen.

I talked to the Buckshot people and they are well aware of the problems associated with film developing and the associated loss of time. They are designing a digital model to be marketed within a few months.

I assume it will be removable from the unit, like the rest of their units, so it can be used as an ordinary digital cameras.

This would be a 100% improvement as far as I'm concerned. As is, these things are useless to me.


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