Buffalo Hunt

About the hide, you could contact your local Tandy leather shop and find out how much "Tannit" it would take to do a hide that size. I bought a 16 oz bottle that says on it that it will tan two deer hides. I think it was $40. AFter that you buy a bag of non-iodized salt, a piece of plywood and salt it down.
That's if you want it super thick and hard as the plywood when finished. I tan many of my own hides when mounting, but aside from the pickling and tanning you also have to shave them thin and break them. You can only really do that commercially.


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I killed 2 bison with one shot from a crossbow. It went through a cow and hit a bull in the neck standing behind her at 40 yards. I thought I had a clear shot. It sounds like my crossbow puts down faster than magnum rifles.
Ouch. That's an expensive mistake. Hope you have a big freezer. Unfortunately, even if it was a good bull, they don't make very nice mounts this time of year. The meat is still tastey though. How about some pictures, mattador?


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Here are the pics from 05/08/10. I am not claiming to have done this on purpose. I honestly thought I had a clear shot. I used a TenPoint Phantom crossbow and a 100 grain Swhacker broadhead. I hit the cow broadside at 40 yards. The animals ran from us until their were a few dead ones on the round. The cow was $1500 and the bull was $1750. I had to buy a new freezer. I am pretty sure the arrow defelcted in the cavity of the cow. Here is a photobucket link with more pics. 2 Bison with 1 bolt 2010 pictures by mattador96 - Photobucket


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Way off

Wow! you guys got me thinking...a Bison "hunt" for $1,300 that yields at least 650# of meat is like $2/Lbs!!! I need a new freezer!!

Expect to net 25% edible meat on a buff. I got 511lbs from my 2009lb bison and that took time (lots of stew/ground meat). Also, consider the DNA factor before selecting a hunt. Utah has the purest strain in No. America (97%) whereas some states are passing cowffalo off as buffalo (50%). Utah has the purest strain because of its topography. With all the canyons, dragging buff out was virtually impossible for the buff hunters using wagons back in the old days. Thus they are largely unchanged unlike other herds. There is no finer meat! I prefer the 45-70 Govt round for buff myself...not just cuz it's romantic but because it flat out puts em down...fast.

The robe tanning was $408 + $20. for shipping. Bleached skull was $150. Shoulder mount is $1250. Meat processing with freight was just under $800. Having a massive bull on your facebook page and in your freezer...PRICELESS!

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