Buffalo meat hunt, CA. or Oregon


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I am looking for a ranch in CA. or Oregon that has buffalo hunts. There will be 4 of us and we are interested in taking 2- 3 year old cows or bulls. I am aware that most of these hunts are fenced ranches, I would prefer a ranch that has free roaming animals and we do not want to shoot animals contained in a corral or small pasture.
If anyone knows of a ranch that has reasonable priced meat hunts, please give me hunting details and web site or phone number where I can make contact for a possible hunt in 2006. you can also send me a private Email at [email protected]



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Thanks for the reply, but it does not help me. We normally hunt a ranch in S. Dakota for our buffalo meat, but due to buying a new home, two of my hunting partners can not afford the trip and hunting costs that far out of state. this is the reason that I am looking for a ranch in CA. or Oregon since the distance would only be several hundred miles from N. CA. If I had my druthers, I would be going back to S. Dakota.



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There was a ranch in Oak Glen, a few miles from Yucaipa, that was raising bison.When I was a wildlife mgt student in the early 60's at the Univ of AZ we didn't cover bison mgt because the state had bison tags but the bison was put in a stock pen which the 'hunter' shot getting the head and hide and a little of the meat most of which went to native subsistence.A friend who hunted at Big Horn Canyon Ranch near Redlands was told several yrs ago they could get a bison for him to hunt.


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I don't know where to take a buff in Nor. Cal but I live here and get my game processed at Buds Custom Meat in Penn Grove and they always have Buffalo on hand the staff is really Friendly and they get alot of business from hunters and local ranchers you might try leaving a message with them and seeing if they could pass it along to there supplier maybe it will work...
Bud's Custom Meats email me for the phone number and fax


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Do a search on previous posts, I do believe there are ranches in Northern Cali and definitely in Oregon. Good luck!

P.S. I remember just doing a googe on bison hunts and getting some of that info.


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I was told by one of the guides working for Nessen Schmidt out of King City that they have access to a ranch for bison hunting.


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there is a place in RAilroad Flat just above jackson ca that sells bufflo hunts, it looks to about 2500 acres, yes it is fenced but they have some bruins there and tehy are not so tame, they will run from you! or stomp your ass if you are in their area, he also has a christmas tree farm. call the post office in raildroad flat and get the number
In Central Cal. there is a place near me that has several thousand acres where buffalo roam. He offers meat and buffalo hunts. I've never been on the ranch, but I have had several customers who told me it takes all day to drive the ranch and that the buffalo are not like fenced animals because there are so many acres to roam. I don't have the name of the ranch owner, but one of his guides is Jeff Hurley. You can probably do a search on here and find info on him, or if not let me know and I will see if I'm allowed to give it out (don't want to get in trouble from Jesse). I also know that he sometimes buys bison from the ranch and moves them to a closer ranch for hunting, but from what I've heard, hunting on the actual ranch is the way to go, because the whole herd is there roaming and it's more like buffalo hunting used to be like. Good luck.


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Jeff Hurley has a great ranch for bison hunts. Its on 4500 AC I think around the Holister area. He has both trophy hunts and meat hunts. I called to talk with him and ask for a few clients to call. he only had one out of ten unhappy and that was because the hunter mistook a cow for a bull and even with Jeff asking him many many times if that was the bison he wanted the client said yes and shot then when he came upon the animal found it to be a cow. I got both sides of the story and the client was more upset at himself then Mr Hurley. This same client still books with Jeff.
e-mail me with you want Jeff's number.


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There is another private ranch in that area that sells Bison hunts.
I dont have the information but he posts a flyer in the lobby of Willow Glen meats the place formerly known as Ralphs Smokehouse on Delmas Ave in San Jose owned and operated by the owners of Los Gatos meats.
Jeff has the lowdown on the hunts however he's not available due to a riding accident. Just look around the shop and you cant miss the color flyer. has contact and pricing information.


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hi im jeff hurley and im happy to here the good news from people havnt been on in a while. im located in the bakersfield area and have helped people from as far away as austria on their great experiences. hope to here more good replies from people soon good luck on you trip and finding an excellent guide for you on your trip. [email protected]


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IMHO, I believe Lazy Arrow Outfitters east of of Santa Margarita has buff hunts or did. Also Twisslemans might as well.


hi im jeff hurley and im happy to here the good news from people havnt been on in a while. im located in the bakersfield area and have helped people from as far away as austria on their great experiences. hope to here more good replies from people soon good luck on you trip and finding an excellent guide for you on your trip. [email protected]
Jeff, is there still a buffalo hunting option in your neck of the woods? I have a friend from Oregon that wants to try buffalo. Any info would help. He's thinking the last 2 weeks in Jan 2011 for a hunt. Wants to mount the head. 7075661566

Where's Bruce?

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I can help

I just got this in my email:

Hello Bruce -
(This section edited out-no applicable to thread)
I also wanted to let you know we are running a special for a 2-Day Fully Mature Bull - American Bison Hunt for $3,500.00 (there are only 3 of these packages available).

Currently we are offering a "Special Bonus" if you schedule a 1 1/2 or 2-Day Hunting Package with us, and time permits, you can do some Quail Hunting at no additional cost.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if there is anything I can assist you with. Have a great day!
Kind Regards,
Cynthia MacQuarrie
Hunt Coordinator
[email protected]
Native Hunt Enterprises, Inc.
5669 Snell Ave., #357
San Jose, CA 95123
Phone: 888-HUNT-321
Cell: 408-892-8442
Fax: 408-848-9735

If you can, go to Utah or Colorado. They have plenty of hunts at a variety of prices (based on size & gender) plus they have the purest N.A. bison strain in existence (97%). That's about as pure as you can get these days. Forget hunting Cowffalo. Boo! Some hunts are 50-60% bison. Not the same critter. Always ask about the bison's DNA. And stay the hell away from Arizona's Kaibob buffs. Mostly experimental models there.

BTW...if you are gonna shoot a big bull then you do NOT want to do a "herd shoot" because all the other buffs will attack your fallen bison and turn it into mincemeat by ramming it repeatedly. They sometimes do this for over an hour. Apparently bison hold a grudge and get even with the dominant male when he goes down-payback is a biach. It can be ugly.
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