Bullet goes through deer and truck door, wounds driver


Mar 11, 2001
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Bullet goes through deer and truck door, wounds driver

Shooting called accidental by investigator.

Nashville (AR) News

NASHVILLE -- A bullet traveled through its intended target -- an eight-point buck -- then smashed through the door of a pickup truck and burrowed completely through the leg of the truck's driver Monday morning.

The victim, Douglas Dove, 59, of 188 Westbrook Road, 4.8 miles south of Dierks, was driving home on a Weyerhaeuser road when he was shot. He was released from the hospital Wednesday and returned home.

County Deputy David Shelton said that the shooting appeared to be accidental, but that the sheriff's department and Arkansas Game and Fish officers were still investigating.

The police radio dispatcher got a 9-1-1 call from the victim's home at 4:05 p.m. Monday, and ambulances from Dierks and Nashville both responded. Dove was given emergency treatment at the scene, and was flown by helicopter ambulance to a Texarkana hospital,

The incident occurred about one-fourth mile from Dove's residence.

Shirley Davis, 59, of Fort Smith, is a relative of Dove's who was shooting at a deer along a highline, and Deputy Shelton said she is thought to have been the shooter.

`That shot went through the deer, through the door of the pickup, and through his leg," Investigator Shelton said. `We found a dead eight-point deer at the scene and it had both entrance and exit wounds. The direction of fire would have put the vehicle and the deer in the line of fire at the right time."

`We're calling it an accident," he said.

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