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Jul 16, 2002
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I was headin north to Tule Lake to visit some cousins and stopped by Butte Valley Wildlife Area on the way in saw one rooster pheasant by a puddle of water and a coyote. Then finally found a canal with four mallards and then saw a ibis and another coyote. There was finally one good size pond filled up no birds that I could see. So WILDBIO whats the current wildlife population there?By season I am kinda worried that those coyotes will eat those mallards and pheasants. Oh and I saw a guy in a white ford bronco and was wondering if that was you?

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Mar 14, 2002
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No that wasn't me in the Bronco.

Right now we are dry for several reasons.  The most important being the drought that has hit the region in the last couple of years.  The other is that every year we have to dry the ponds to grow moist soil plants.  If we don't do this then there will be no food on the Area for the birds.  Also we need to do maintenance in the ponds and the only way that we can get the equipment in the pond is if they are dry.  

As far as the bird numbers.  Your right they are down this year.  Last year we had poor growth in the uplands so the early nesting species didn't have very much success this year.  The geese did pretty good and they were able to fledge quite a few goslings, but when the lake dried up in late June the geese began moving out of the area.  Up until early July there was around 3-400 geese on the area.  Once we begin our fall flood-up program in the next couple of weeks there should be more birds coming into the area.

As for the pheasant you saw you should count yourself lucky there aren't very many out here.  They just don't do very well on the Area.  

What you saw when you were out here was the normal every year management that we go through.

Hope this answers some of your questions.

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