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Dec 30, 2006
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DFW Commission President Baylis' bias against hunters (who don't eat their game) and fisherman who can't afford their own boat. If coyote tasted like venison, my freezer would be full.

Today, California has some very assertive non-consumptive users, and that’s sometimes in conflict with traditional hunting and fishing. We’re going through a cultural change to not lose the good hunters or the good people who fish—versus, in my personal opinion, the party-boat fishermen or those hunting for the thrill rather than eating their game. There’s a clear difference.

An older example of the same bias against hunting and fisherman who can't afford their own boat.

Wildlife Resource Committee Meeting

July 28, 2014

I’m going to give you my perspective; I was the one that asked the commission go to notice on moving on a predator policy.

I’m still firmly committed on this commission moving forward on a predator policy as I’ve indicated in a measured fashion. That does not mean I’m interested in stopping ranchers from shooting a predator that is affecting their wildlife, I’m not even opposed to someone killing a coyote.

However, what I may do and I’m going to listen today is the predator policy is going to take time.

We’re going to measure it carefully and we’re going to proceed in a very measured forceful fashion.

However, I am interested in stopping the coyote contests that go on. I’m opposed to that. I think the other commissioners share my perspective on the coyote contests.

Just as I’m opposed to party boat fisherman that drink alcohol and go out and get a little wild. I think there’s a similarity in coyote contests and I would like to move forward maybe perhaps before predator policy on banning coyote contests. That’s my personal opinion.

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