CA DOJ Watching NV Gun Shows


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"While the state Justice Department has tools to stem the flow of illegal guns — including two new laws that help track out-of-state gun and ammunition purchases — the agency is facing competing priorities, according to spokeswoman Bethany Lesser. "

Let me get this straight... a spokesperson for the CA DOJ is claiming they now have the authority and ability to TRACK firearm and ammo purchases in other STATES.

I think this article needs to be forwarded to firearm owners of other states so they can be informed of the CA DOJ intentions to track and spy on other states.

This article has so much BS...
And the statements and quotes from people really show their intentions and how stupid they are. Also people that go buy mags from a gun show in Reno and drive straight back home are stupid. Oh and they've got walmarts in NV trying to appease Newscum and his dirty ammo laws. The walmart in Carson had some stupid sign up notifying CA residents that ammo purchases were illegal to bring back to CA and they ask any CA resident that they must read the notice if they buy ammo. Yeah thanks for the tip Walmart I know what the stupid law in CA is and the law and your sign can kindly F off. How about you mind your business to the state your conducting in.


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It's going to be like the 16 year old kid standing outside the liquor store.

CA resident - "Psst. Hey buddy. Can you buy me some ammo and a couple of magazines?"
NV resident - "Yeah, sure. I feel sorry for you CA residents. What do you need?"


As far as I have found, AZ has no statute that requires ID for the purchase of ammunition. Any enforcement from CA would have to be based on car plates.

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