Calif. Senate panel rejects officials' pay freeze


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Jan 16, 2003
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"An attempt to freeze state elected officials' salaries when California is battling budget deficits got a frosty reception Wednesday from a Senate committee."

"The Rules Committee voted 3-1 to reject a constitutional amendment that would bar the Citizens Compensation Commission from handing out raises to the governor, legislators and other state elected officers in any year in which the legislative analyst determines there is a deficit"

"The measure would also stipulate that the commission has the power to reduce officials' salaries as well as grant raises or impose pay freezes."

"California has faced persistent budget deficits over the last several years. Lawmakers are currently debating how to deal with a $15.2 billion deficit in the fiscal year that starts July 1."

"Last year, the commission approved 5 percent raises for Attorney General Jerry Brown and Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell. It gave other state elected officials 2.75 percent increases."

This was a gallant attempt by Rep Able Maldonado who authored this bill, to reign in some of the obscene spending by our elected officials. It's unfortunate it did not even clear the senate sub committee.
Wonder why?

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