California Waterfowl Restoring Imperial Valley Wetlands


Mar 11, 2001
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California Waterfowl has been busy during the 2008/09 wetland construction season in the Imperial Valley and near the Colorado River on public and private wetlands, spending over $1.2 million and improving more than 2,000 acres of habitat. These efforts give waterfowl and shorebirds new habitats and food sources, hunters improved opportunities, and everyone the chance to view healthy wetland dependent wildlife in Southern California.

Funding was provided by private landowners and a $1 million grant by the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) to California Waterfowl for restoration and enhancement efforts. Projects were designed to allow managers to improve their wetland management capabilities and provide wintering waterbirds with quality food sources.

“With the completion of these projects benefits to not only waterfowl but a myriad of other wildlife that rely upon quality wetland habitat for survival have been achieved,” stated Southern California Regional Biologist Greg Heydeman. ‘Many more acres of habitat improvements are needed and with the continued support of programs such as those funded through NAWCA, the future is bright for the Southern California region”.

Recently California Waterfowl received $74,000 from the California Department of Fish and Game Duck Stamp Fund for a new enhancement project at the Imperial Valley Wildlife Area’s Wister Unit for the 2009/10 construction season. Look for it to be ready in fall 2010.

Thanks to funding from hunters and other conservationists, California Waterfowl was able to complete “green feed” enhancement activities on three units at the Imperial Valley Wildlife Area’s Wister Unit. Units 312A, W11B and S20 were all re-leveled and new water structures were installed. Annual rye grass seed was purchased and will be ready for the hungry migrating snow geese and waterfowler this fall. The benefits will provide DFG staff the capabilities to easily irrigate and maintain farming of these units for years to come.

Utilizing just over $550,000 in grants California Waterfowl completed habitat improvements on Imperial Valley Wildlife Area’s Wister Units T-14, U-14, Y16 A/B and W11C . All have undergone significant changes which will allow DFG staff to better manage habitat and allow legal, regulated hunting access on these designated areas.

California Waterfowl is an award winning non-profit, hunter-supported conservation organization with a mission to conserve the state’s waterfowl, wetlands, and hunting heritage. In the last 20 years we’ve restored, protected or enhanced more than 360,000 acres, providing habitat for millions of birds and animals, and introduced more than 250,000 children to the wonders of the great outdoors. Visit them online at
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Mar 26, 2001
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