Call for help from Leon Lesicka


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Nov 30, 2001
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Leon Lesicka of Desert Wildlife Unlimited is coordinating another habitat/work project on Saturday, June 19, 2004 at Gibson Tool on Rutherford s/e of Hwy 111. This location is north of Brawley and south of Calipatria.

Work starts at 0700 hrs on Saturday. We will be clipping pheasant beaks and various other small projects. The older birds will need to be moved to the large pen as well.

Last year, Leon treated workers to a small lunch. Please bring your own drinks. We will need a "head count", so e-mail me at if you plan to attend. Don't want to be short on food!

It will be very hot in the afternoon (probably over 100 degrees). Sun shades and sun block are recommended.

If weather permits and we can arrange it, we are going to have a sporting clay target shoot after lunch. Probably a 5 stand format. Bring your shotgun and shells in case we pull this off!

Also bring a large long handle fishing net with you.

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