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Jan 14, 2002
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Call Every Committee Member Listed Below

The American Sporting Dog Alliance is urging all California dog owners to take immediate action, before the Assembly Committee on Appropriations holds a hearing on SB 250 on July 15. It is urgent that a large number of Californians – not just dog owners, but everyone who cares - express clear opposition to SB 250, which is very close to being passed into law.

Remember that the Appropriations Committee deals mostly with financial aspects of legislation, such as the outlay of government funds.
Please phone and also email each member of the committee as soon as possible. Members of legislative committee represent all Californians, not just their own constituents. Here is contact information for all of the committee members:

Kevin de Leon - Chair
Dem-45 (916) 319-2045

Jim Nielsen - Vice Chair
Rep-2 (916) 319-2002

Tom Ammiano
Dem-13 (916) 319-2013

Charles M. Calderon
Dem-58 (916) 319-2058

Joe Coto
Dem-23 (916) 319-2023

Mike Davis
Dem-48 (916) 319-2048

Michael D. Duvall
Rep-72 (916) 319-2072

Felipe Fuentes
Dem-39 (916) 319-2039

Isadore Hall III
Dem-52 (916) 319-2052

Diane L. Harkey
Rep-73 (916) 319-2073)

Jeff Miller
Rep-71 (916) 319-2071

John A. Pérez
Dem-43 (916) 319-2046

Nancy Skinner
Dem-14 (916) 319-2014

Jose Solorio
Dem-69 (916) 319-2069

Audra Strickland
Rep-37 (916) 319-2037

Tom Torlakson
Dem-11 (916) 319-2011

Mt Goat

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Jan 14, 2002
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I was asked by a Local Club I belong to, Southern California Houndsmen Association to write a letter for our Club in Opposition to this pending Bill.

Below is my letter. If you have a fax machine Fax a letter, or e-mail, or Call but do it today because the Committee is holding a hearing on this Bill Tomorrow the 15th of July. I used part of a Sample letter I found on the AKC web-site, then added my own wording to some of it. I recommend you Guys and Gals do something similar or at least CALL in Opposition to this Bill -- SB250

To the Honorable, California State Assembly
Appropriations Committee Members

RE: We ask you to Oppose Senate Bill 250 As Proposed to be Amended

The Southern California Houndsman Association is writing today to ask you to oppose Senate Bill 250 when it comes before your committee. Senate Bill 250 will unreasonably penalize owners of intact animals by forcing sterilization of an animal if an intact unlicensed animal is impounded (even once!).

The California Department of Finance estimates that this bill will cost the state possibly millions of dollars when we don’t even have enough money to properly fund our schools and public safety. It will further place financial burdens on Californians who are already struggling in this tough economy. It may lead to more animals being surrendered rather than encouraging pets to stay in their homes which should be the goal of any animal control legislation.

We understand that a pending amendment will require sterilization for two leash law violations, however we continue to have concerns about that as those violations may occur years apart and not be a true reflection of a habitually irresponsible owner, plus it doesnt take in to account Hunting Dogs. We as Houndsmen hunt our dogs by free casting them after the game we are after. We track our Dogs by using Radio Frequency Collars. Its not unheard of to have a good Samaritan pick up a dog without understanding how we hunt. If a dog is picked up and transferred to an out of area animal shelter if there is a state mandate, a dog might get spayed or neutered before the owner can prove he payed for the intact permit. The Southern California Houndsmen Association represents 120 dog owners in California and we believe that SB 250 will unreasonably penalize owners of intact animals.

The Southern California Houndsmen Association has been a Club dating back to the Pre-1960's Our Club and its member are Associate Club and Members to, the United Kennel Club (UKC), the Professional Kennel Club (PKC), the American Kennel Club (AKC) , and to the California Houndsmen for Conservation (CHC). Our Club supports the Heritage of Hunting in California. We are a group of Dog Owners that get together for Field Trials, and other friendly Club Competitions. We have a strong belief mentoring other Dog Owners and Hunters in the proper way or raising, training, and hunting their dogs.

We as voting Californians, and as dog owners oppose a State imposed Law for mandatory spay and neuter. By passing this into a State Law you take aways our right to Self Govern at the City and County level of Government. We feel imposing an extra fee for owning an intact dog unfairly goes after responsible Breeders, Dog Kennels, Dog Trainers, Boarding Kennels, and Private dog ownership. We feel that the economic times are tough enough in California, and to impose a state mandate to force California Citizens to pay higher fees or pay to spay and neuter their dogs will force Business's out of Business, and will force individual dog owners to have to make a choice between spaying and neutering, or just taking the dog to an Animal Shelter.

Here is a bit of information received from the American Sporting Dog Alliance.
In Los Angeles, following the spay/neuter ordinance, this has included a 107-percent increase in animal control captures of abandoned dogs, a 163-percent increase in owner surrenders by people who cannot afford to keep their pets and comply with the law, and a 153-percent increase in abandoned dogs brought to the shelters by good Samaritans.

If California follows the path of destruction caused by the Los Angeles ordinance, passage of SB 250 will become an unfunded mandate to the counties to handle 11 times as many dogs and cats at animal shelters, and to kill 11 times more of them.

If the state mirrors the Los Angeles statistics, counties would have to pay for handling 4.4 million dogs and cats a year (up from 402,430 in 2008), and killing 1.7 million dogs (up from 153,793 in 2008).

Here is a summary of information released on July 10 2009 from the California Department of Public Health for the statewide shelter data for 2008:

* In 2008, 404,430 animals were admitted to shelters statewide, an increase of 42,422 from 2007. That is an 11.8-percent increase.

* In 2008, 96,630 animals were admitted to the Los Angeles County sheltering system, which is a 55,178 increase from 2007. This is a 133 percent increase in the year after a spay/neuter mandate was passed into law. If compared to the state, it is apparent that Los Angeles County alone
exceeded the entire statewide increase in shelter admissions, and is 11 times higher than the state average.

*Euthanasia data is equally dramatic. In 2008, the entire state saw a 16.4-percent increase in euthanasia, to 153,793 (an increase of 21,677).

*However, almost all of the entire statewide increase in shelter euthanasia came from Los Angeles County alone, in the year following a mandatory pet sterilization ordinance. The Los Angeles County shelter system euthanasia rate rose by an incredible 178-percent in the year following the ordinance. In 2007, 12,118 dogs had to be killed in the county. In 2008, this soared to 33,601 dogs.

We feel that at a time when the State of California cant even balance their budget, it seems wrong to force Individual Citizen, City's, and County's who are also hit by the bad economy, to have to carry the extra financial burden of imposing this Mandatory spay and neuter proposal into Law.

Existing state law already requires that owners of intact animals pay a license fee that is at least double that to license a sterilized animal (Food and Agriculture Code Section 30804.5); and provides for enhanced and graduated fines for owners whose intact dogs are impounded (Food and Agriculture Code Section 30804.7). These statutes are sufficient to incentivize owners to sterilize their animals and to address animal control concerns with specific intact animals who are impounded repeatedly.

This legislation will not improve the lives of cats and dogs, it will negatively impact responsible owners and breeders. We respectfully urge you to support responsible owners and breeders by opposing Senate Bill 250.


Larry Lowell 760-963-9790
Representative for, The Membership, of the Southern California Houndsmen Association



Mar 5, 2007
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I called them , faxed them and emailed them. I suggest that everyone interested in saving your dogs and the ability to hunt with them do the same.



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Aug 7, 2006
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Done I emailed all of them and called the top 2. Will try and get more people to call.

Thanks for the info.

Mt Goat

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Jan 14, 2002
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The Assembly heald the committee meeting on this bill yesterday. From what I heard the bill was suspended until August 28th, because our non representing Representatives need to take a month off from July 17th to August 17th. Not sure what Suspending the bill means ? other than I guess it can be reinterduced or maybe voted on after August 28th ?

Frank X. Morris

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Feb 16, 2008
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Howdy All,
I think it is done for the year. Can let my fingers rest for now. But there are always other fights to take up, so can't relax for too long.

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