Callmaker Spotlight. Peyton Griffis and His Peyton's Putter


Mar 11, 2001
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Callmaker Spotlight. Peyton Griffis and His Peyton's Putter

Peyton hails from Pueblo West Colorado and makes some fine boxcalls. He likes the high frequency yelping and all his boxcalls have the higher frequency pitch.

Peyton also has boxcall kits for sale where you can build your own boxcalls.

For more info and pics of his boxcalls and some good boxcall tips stop by Payton's website at

Peyton also likes to talk turkey hunting so drop him an E-mail or phone call. Peyton's turkey hunting career goes back a ways and he recently told me a story of his late brother's turkey calling prowess. Peyton said his brother used to tell about setting up on a big gobbler and there was nothing to hide behind but a large log that was maybe 6 inches off the ground.

He said his brother hunkered down behind that log and called that old gobbler in right up behind the log. Since he couldn't get his gun up, he had to grab him by the legs from under the log and he tried and tried to pull him under that log but there just wasn't enough room so he had to turn him loose and call him around the end of that log. "Must have been using a wingbone is all I can figure, heh,heh", Peyton said.

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