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Camcorder help

Hi folks,
I'm NE of Dallas and have four 8 mm cassettes taken over 8 years ago. I do not have a camcorder or any way to play them back. I would like to play them back and save them to dvd, but as I said, have no way to do play them back. I do have a dvd recorder to use to record them as they're played back. The tapes are 120 min but none of them are full.

If anyone has a mini 8/hi8 camcorder and is in the area and would like to help me out, please email me. I would appreciate it.


If you cannot find someone with a camera, then check Goodwill (shopgoodwill.com).
You may be able to get one for under $20 shipped to your door.

Is there anywhere else to ask around? Hunting buddies, shooting range, city / community events coordinator... ?
Thanks for the tip. I'll check. I bought a camcorder off fleabay and it supposedly worked but when I got it, the cassette carriage was all messed up. Now I'm fighting with the seller to get my money back. And those services want $20 or so per tape and I'm not even sure how long I recorded on them.
Thanks again for the tip, there is a goodwill store near me.

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