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Dec 22, 2001
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I just recieved the sample insert I had die cut to mount the OWL into the highlander case. This insert will also fit the Pelican 1150 case. If you notice from the pictures I also use a ABS shelf under the cams to help support the weight of the cam.
It also has a cutout in the top to allow for a window over the viewfinder
I am going to have some of these made up and if anyone is interested in having some let me know. The final price is dependant upon quantity, but they will be less then $3.00 each.
This will also work with the Olympus D-370, but I used it to take the pictures and couldnt get one of the D-370 in the case.
I should mention, this is a perfect fit for the highlander, but the side edges will require trimming about 3/16" to fit the 1150.

The center cut out is split into two sections. one is 2/3 the depth. the other is 1/3 the depth so you can adjust how high you want the camera to sit in the case, and also has a cut out that I place a dessicant pack in.
It will also come with a piece of foam for the cover that you will have to cut your own holes in for the flash and shutter.
I am going to order some this week, so if you are interested let me know. It will take about a week to get them in.

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