Camo'd my Umarex Octane!!


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Camo'd my Umarex Octane .22 today. Yesterday spent some time practicing with various techniques. I ended up using a combination of this Camo netting I got from the Halloween Store (OC peeps will know where I'm talking about), and a tiny bit of sponge-dabbing.

Doing this for practice before attempting to camo my AR15.

Gotta say I'm rather pleased with the results!

Looks like a GREAT match up for Kryptek Highlander.


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Thank you. I know right? I was trying/practicing a few techniques on some old Hardy Backerboard I'll often place across the saw-horses to then place items upon for painting. Tried the Beach bag netting. Tried the sponge-dabbing (only had access to regular man-made sponges, cut it into smaller cubes and had to pinch into them and rip out a lot of finger-pinches full of material to create voids in the surfaces for that random-pattern thing), and then... then I remembered this Flourescent colored cheesecloth fabric I use during Halloween... and when I walked back there to get it... I saw the other camo netting fabric piece and my brain went Ding! Ding! Ding!

And that camo netting stuff works really good because you can sorta create a slant/skewing to the pattern it leaves behind by how you choose to stretch a particular corner more than another, as an example. Real easy to work with too. And after spraying you can lift it right up almost immediately!
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OK... the Clearcoat is on... and the Tape is Off!! Added two more shades into it. (Note to self: NEVER use a Grey again unless it is a DARK Grey! Doh!)

Not bad for my first ever camo paint job. Very pleased with how well it seems to blend in with the Kryptek Highlander camo!
And another shot taken slightly farther back to better show how it starts to blend in!
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