camper shell and my dog


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I'm going to put a camper shell on my truck. I'm thinking about getting a boot on it so that I can open both windows and let the cool air from inside the truck into the back to help keep my dog cool. Has anyone tried this? How did it work for you? If not, any other suggestions on keeping your dog cool in the back when you are driving?


searching for some dog threads here. What I can share is I place them in the back part and just place a grille. Not sure if you have this for your truck: Genuine Mopar Removable Dog Guard (Part No: 82212304). I place that and open the windows on the second row to make them cool and at the same time, they won't be able to put their heads outside unlike if I place them on the middle row.

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I did this awhile back. It keeps the shell reasonable cool. I put a length of 3/4" pipe insulation around the window between the cab window and the shell window. I ran the ac on fresh air intake to keep the air flowing into the shell. Put something in the shell to insulate the bed floor.


Had a shell and window installed on a truck I owned many years ago and had no problems with it. I made a four piece insert out of plywood. The floor between the seats could be pulled out and reinstalled on runners on the seats and converted into a bed. The cushions could be raised to store 'whatever' by the wheel wells. The only problem I had with the insert was that creaked on bumpy surfaces.

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