Camper shells.


Mar 11, 2001
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Looking for a camper shell for the new Dodge Quad cab. I checked out the place on Waterman Ave in San Bernardino. Save your energy, don't even bother going by there. All 6 guys on the lot were more interested in dragging the front gate out to put it in place for the evening close. Only after waiting for 10 mins and then leaving did they even ask if I needed help. Place looked dirty and just a mess.

I remembered a camper shell place where we had custom shells made way back when I was in the USAF. Camper Shell Depot in Redlands. It had been 25 years since I had been there so I whizzed by. I found Garth the owner slaving away over a computer in the back building. He didn't remember me but he did remember selling the USAF shells way back when.

Garth had what I wanted, regular rear window with two tinted side opening windows with sturdy locks. THey also had an interesting front window that had a slider AND the whole window drops down if say you want to clean the back of the truck cab windows. Pretty cool.

Price was $800 for all 4 tinted windows with slider. THey match the color like all the other places. Carpet inside with a good rubber seal all the way around. Most shells I see go for over a grand and don't have the drop down front window. DRop down window added $55 to the price. Side windows were $35. SO you could get a plain rear window shell for just over $700 there.

Garth doesn't sell much to the public now, he makes shells for dealers mostly. He'll still take walk ins though.

2 weeks for delivery. PRice includes install.

Camper Shell Depot
REDLANDS, CA 92373-8452
Phone: 909-796-7238


Apr 2, 2001
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that is a good price. i bought one without the front drop window & it cost me almost $1,100.00.
Sep 23, 2002
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Ditto what Pro paid for the Leer with the drop out sliding front window. I think it came to $1023.99 + tax.

I only have taken it out once in over a year- goes back in preaty easy.

I put the diamond plate bed rails all around with a full diamond plate tailgate cover/rail. Looks sweet- But it is hard on the knees.
I wanted the knock outs on the rails but they ordered the wrong ones after a 2 week wait. They gave me a free 4" drop hitch for my troubles.
I can live with that.

Also the tail gate cover was to of been $95. Owner wrote up the tag for $35- He was gone when I paid the bill and worker said he would ring it up for what the owner wrote it as- Disgruntled employee of the month?

Someday I may win the lottery and spray in a linner- for now it is just the under the rail insert. Spray-ins started at $475.

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