Canon Elph S100


Jul 30, 2001
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If you buy a Canon Elph S100 to use in a digital camera system then you need to take notice of the size memory card you put in.

I have recently changed my 32Mbyte cards with 128Mbyte cards and evidently the camera scans the memory on power up which causes it to take longer on power up.  My old circuits require a resistor change to make up the difference in power up time.  The new chip I am working on like the multifunction timer will just require a number change from the computer.  I haven't finished the digital one yet for working on the 35mm but it appears that it will come in handy with the digital ones as well.  I plan on having some jumpers for different memory cards that will allow me to change the timing in the field without the computer.

Just some findings I thought I would share incase someone was going to use the Canon Elph S100.


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