canon owl pf cams $39.98


Mar 11, 2001
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Avoid HotBuy Electronics like the plague. Read their consumer evaluation at

Make sure you check out the vendor you are going to buy from at Reseller Ratings.

Lowest price doesn't always mean the best deal if you're sold used or Gray market gear under the guise the gear is new. Gray market gear is equipment made overseas and imported here and it DOES not carry a US warranty. Avoid any Gray market stuff at all costs.

Also beware that many of the low priced camera shops out of Brooklyn New York are notorious rip offs. They are boiler room operations who will promise you the moon when they don't even have the equipment in stock. Customer service does not exist at many companies who sell camera and other gear. Make sure you can get answers in a timely manner if you have any problems with your order or equipment after you receive it.

One member of a newsgroup actually drove to a number of these camera shops addresses and they were in boarded up old buildings. These vendors will have one name for awhile and then switch to a new name but will still be the same operation.

If you've had a good experience buying your gear please take the time to post an evaluation on Reseller Ratings, it only takes a few minutes and you'll help weed out the scam artists.


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Jun 30, 2001
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thanks for warning, I ordered 2 cameras from amazon because I wanted date models. I can't wait for UPS.

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