Carbonite online data backup


Mar 11, 2001
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I needed some quick backup one afternoon so I thought I'd try the demo software Carbonite. It worked good so I swallered the $50 price tag and paid for a year.

I'm using it mostly for backing up GL-2 video archives, about 500 megs worth a week. The software uploads any files or folders you select when you're online. No performance problems with a laptop noticed yet, I'm sure most of the work gets done when I got to bed and let it do it's uploading. I'm on a fairly fast cable ISP and it takes a day or two to back up a 60 meg project with me on the computer most of the day, probably would be faster for someone who isn't on their computer a lot.

I then tested the restore feature to see how long it took to restore the video files and any issues with the archived video files. No problems so far using Adobe Premier.

So far so good, no dragging around external hard drives but there is the usual risk of them going out of business or having someone hack your account and gain access to your files. I'm still not comfortable enough to hang anything but video files on their server. There do have encryption but who knows.

$4.00 a month for unlimited backup that I can access anywhere. Heck yeah. Sign me up.

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