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Caribou drift trip.

dustin ray

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iv had the same dream for years but just can't seam to pull it off. and a moose tag a grizz wolf that would be awesome


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Fellas, I don't mean to be negative,but it's more of a nightmare, than a dream. I can save you a ton of time and $$$$,if you just do the following:

1. Put on all you gear, including base layers and expensive gore-tex clothing. Now put on your hip boots.

2. Take a couple of cups of sand and pour them down your shorts.

3. Draw a large tub of very cold water, then add ice to the cold water.

4. Turn on the shower head, set on cold.

5. Sit down in the very cold tub of water, under the cold shower.

6. Start lifting 10 lb. weights.

7. Do this for hours and you'll get the same experience as an Alaskan float trip.

The good news: you'll see more moose your bathroom than the river you'd be on, mostly because the last 50 boats scared them away.

Do your research!! Good luck!


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Not a bad idea posting, but it's a huge commitment to make with a stranger, let alone your regular hunting partner(s). Lots of cool guys on JHO, but not many hardcore hunters - just look at the lack of elk, Alaska and Africa posts.

Huntr Pat

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OPAH , we only live once with a life time of bucket list. I'm 60 living life here in the mtns of pioneer. I put in for Elk in Arizona and will puting in for Montana also. gotta live while you have it.
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Couldn't agree more Pat. But, not all the members here have the same philosophy. Read the posts, a guy will spend weeks deciding which knife or toy to buy and then skip a world-class hunting adventure to spend more time on the keyboard. I say go for it!!

I'll see you in Alaska!!

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