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Caribou Self Guided Hunt Recommendations

Hi all, I cross posted this to another forum (http://forums.outdoorsdirectory.com/showthread.php?t=82101), but this is my concern:

I was wondering if you could help me find a few outfitters that would fly me out for a self guided caribou hunt. I am looking for something in the 1000-2000 range. I checked out Arrowhead outfitters which charges about $2400 per person to fly to the Northern Brook's range and back for the hunt, but I'm hoping for something a little bit cheaper.

I was looking at the Brook's range region at first because I know that the Mulchatna herd in the southern area has been hurting badly these past few years. To be honest I don't know where I will be flying out from and where I will be flying in to because I have left my options open for now. There will be four people going in total.

If you can help me with any information I would highly appreciate it.

Thank you


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I just booked with Northern Air Trophy out of Kotz. I here another good one is Maverick Aviation or Ram Air. All of the research I have done puts the price tag on an outfitted hunt at 2500 - 3200. I have read many reviews and they all seem to be about the same (goods and bads). You can get the complete DIY for around 1900-2400, but will probably eat the savings on overweight fees to get your gear out. I booked with NAT because of a 15% military discount. Really what you get with the outfitted hunt is a ride, shelter, food, and hopefully advice.
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I have also done a do it yourself hunt with Matt from Northern Air Trophy. Everything went smoothly, good people to deal with. Hunting was good too.


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jstevens- I may need to hit you up for some planning info as the time draws near. Any guidance would be great (boots, pack, timeline for flying in and out of kotz, SAT phone rental).

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