CBH membership poll

CBH membership poll

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  • No, I don't know about CBH

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  • No, I can't afford an extra $35 a year

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  • No, I'm pissed off at CBH for one reason or another

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For you guys that don't know about CBH here is some info. If you are a tournament archer or bowhunter in Ca, you should be a CBH member, IMO. Ed F


The California Bowmen Hunters organization was established on May 5, 1943. Bill Childs of the Northern California Field Archers and Roy Hoff of the Southern California Field Archers met in Sacramento at a meeting of the Fish & Game Commission of California. They decided at that time that if the two organizations formed a state organization, it would give archers the power to promote legislation to improve archery hunting as well as the means to better expose the sport of archery to the general public. In 1948 a third region became part of CBH. The regions then quickly grew to thirteen.

A formal Legislative team was established in 1962, consisting of a Legislative Chairman and a Northern and Southern Legislative Representative. It was then decided that three Second Vice-Presidents would oversee the three main areas of interest: Hunting, Field and Target Archery.

1962 saw the birth of the Big Game Club. This section maintains hunting records and promotes hunting in California. The Big Game Club was founded in 1962 in order to provide a record of big game animals taken by bowhunters in California. To date, there are more than 1200 different bowhunters with record-book entries. The Big Game Club periodically publishes a Record Book listing all of these bowhunters and their accomplishments. The newest edition was printed in 1999.

In 1967, The California State Archery Association merged with the California Bowmen Hunters forming the organization we know today as the California Bowmen Hunters & State Archery Association.
The California Archery Hall of Fame was sanctioned by CBH/SAA in 1977 and has honored many of the great archers of California who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of archery in California.

In 1981, CBH/SAA affiliated with the National Bowhunter Education Program. This had been a National Field Archery Program that became an independent entity that year.

In 1990, a Legislative Coordinator and five Regional Representatives, one for each of the five Department of Fish and Game Regions, were appointed. The format for Legislative action continues as a strong focus of CBH/SAA activities to this day.
It is impossible to mention all the individuals who have promoted archery for CBH/SAA. But we would be remiss if we did not mention that in 1964 Dr. J. W. ‘Doc’ Smalley was the only recipient of the Dud Lawrence Medal of Honor. (Which was retired after he received it.) The CBH Award of Honor replaced it. Lynn Gardner received this award in 1979; to date the only person so honored.


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thanks for the info Bowuntr on the history of the organization of cbh/saa. i was always an independent hunter i had nothing to do with clubs and organizations and competitive shoots. but i now realize with the politics that are involved in the future of hunting that i dont want to wake up one day and find out that hunting is no longer legal because the antis vote is stronger than us hunters and i just sat back and did nothing to prevent it, so thats why it felt it was my obligation to now join CBH/SAA and strengthen our brotherhood of hunters and take part in the politics of hunting to secure and preserve our hunting future for us and future generations................tra

P.S. bottom line is, you cant complain when your hunting rights and privileges start disappearing if you dont get involved and do something about it, SO PLEASE JOIN CBH/SAA and make a differance!.....tra


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Yes, a member. I picked up bowhunting a few years back and on my first archery mule deer hunt I arrowed a little 3 by 4. A fellow central coast resident and CBH measurer responded to an email and all I can say is what a kind man. He no longer lives in Ca, left us for greener pastures. Anyway, my little guy made the book and I have been a member ever since. Personally, it is because of his visits that I am a member of CBH and what the organization stands for. I hope to meet other CBH members in the future and hope that my fellow hunting partners will soon join. Maybe someday when the kids are out of the house, I too can become more involved and help out our sport and organization. Thank you to those who currently work so hard for our archery heritage and rights!


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The bi-annual CBH/Big Game Club banquet will be held in Ontario, CA in late January. It's a great place to meet LOTS of CBH members and hardcore bowhunters. Come on down and join the fun......Ed (BOWUNTR) will buy the first round! :)


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Bohntr, Are the dates listed within the newsletter? I will have to forget about my other passion (duck hunting) and make a valiant attempt to join everyone at this event. Did you say you were offering to buy first round or did you pawn that off on a fellow bowhunter?


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BuckFinder, You were right, The real BOHNTR offered to buy the first round!
The date is Jan 20th. It'll be in the newsletter.

Was that Dave Hefner that scored your buck for you? Great guy. He's still around here as "Canus Latrans" or something like that!! Ed F


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Ed, Yes Dave was who I was referring to. I received an email awhile back during last years hunting season in Wyoming but haven't heard from him since. He has taken more pronghorn with archery gear than any other person I know. Nice mounts. Anyway, I hope that Oregon is treating him right. Please pass on my hello if you are still in contact with him. By the way, did he ever become a P&Y measurer? If I remember correctly, his ultimate goal was to find his way to B&C.

Don B.

I am a member of CBH/SAA and the NFAA, Wish I didn't have to be a member of the NFAA but I have to be to be eligible for state and national stuff.

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