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Mar 12, 2001
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Squeezable cell phone adds new twist to calling
April 24, 2002 02:02:00

LONDON - Squeezable mobile phones could soon be adding new meaning to keeping in touch.

Researchers at MIT's Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass., have developed a new vibrating rubber cellphone that can transmit vibrations along with words.

Unlike other cellphones that vibrate instead of ringing, the MIT latex prototype has five tiny speakers that you wrap your fingers around and which vibrate against the skin at around 250 times per second.

''Beneath these speakers sit pressure sensors, so you can transmit vibration as well as receiving it,'' New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday.

''When you squeeze with a finger, a vibration signal is transmitted to your caller's corresponding finger, its strength is dependent on how hard you squeeze.''

Students who tested the vibrating cellphones used them to add emphasis to their conversations and even developed their own type of Morse code, according to researcher Angela Chang.

She believes the new cellphone has a big advantage over mobile phones because you can communicate without anyone knowing what you are saying.

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