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Mar 12, 2001
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As part of mMode you get Find Friends—a cool new tool that enables you to see the locations of your favorite people and schedule a great place to meet up with them! It’s the first service of its kind in North America, and only available from AT&T Wireless.

Find Friends makes it easy and fun to locate your friends:

Add friends, family members, and coworkers to your friend list.
See who’s nearby in an instant.
Call or send a text message—and arrange to meet.
Get directions to nearby restaurants, coffee shops, bars and pubs, and bookstores.
Make yourself invisible to others whenever you choose.
Locate up to five people at once.
Best part? No additional monthly service charge.

All you need?

To use Find Friends, you and your friends need a phone with mMode Mini, Mega or Max plan and you (and those you’re trying to locate) must be within an AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS coverage area. Your friends must have their phones turned on and have the phones set on "be visible."

AT&T Wireless mMode

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