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Changes In Fisheries Regulations For 2003





PIERRE – A number of different fisheries regulation changes for 2003 have been set by the state Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

Fisheries Administrator Dennis Unkenholz said the new rules include:

Adding Lake Henry in Bon Homme County and Lake Oliver in Deuel County as waters with "no wake zones."

Adding a new subsection to the rule that defines how fish are measured. Length means "the total length of a fish in inches, as measured in a straight line along a flat surface, from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail."

Removing Staum Dam in Beadle County and Tripp Lake in Hutchinson County from the list of waters where baitfish use is prohibited. Both are contaminated with non-game fish and the restriction is no longer warranted.

Reducing the time period when the "Dredge Hole" (area between I-90 bridge and railroad bridge) at Chamberlain is open; from Apr. 1-Nov. 30 to May 1-Nov. 30.

Combining largemouth and smallmouth bass statewide daily limits from five of each species East River, and 10 daily 20 possession in West River, to five for any combination of the two species and 10 in possession statewide.

Adding Lake Henry in Bon Homme County, Lake Hanson in Davison County and McCook Lake in Union County to the list of waters with 15-inch minimum length restrictions for largemouth bass.

Removing New Wall Dam in Pennington County and Lake Waggoner in Haakon County from the list of waters with 15-inch minimum length restriction for bass. Add that no bass 12 -16 inches may be taken, and of the bass taken on any day, only one may be 16 inches or longer.

Adding Lake Angostura to the list of lakes with a 14-inch minimum walleye length limit year around rather than the current nine-month restriction.

Deleting the 17-inch walleye minimum length restriction on Lake Hanson in Hanson County, Jones Lake in Hand County and Hayes Lake in Stanley County.

Adding Middle Lynn Lake to the 16-inch minimum walleye length restriction and a maximum length restriction of one walleye, 20-inches or larger in the daily limit to Lynn Lake in Day County.

Adding Angostura, Orman and Shadehill reservoirs to the list where one walleye taken any day may be 20 inches or longer. All three reservoirs have 14-inch minimums.

Adding Waubay Lake to the list of waters with a limit of two walleyes per day.

Excluding Lake Albert from the eight-county area where the daily bluegill, sunfish, crappie and yellow perch limit is 10.

Restricting take of smallmouth bass from Lake Sharpe to only those smallmouth bass less than 12 inches or 18 inches and longer. Of those, only one smallmouth bass taken daily may be 18 inches or greater. An exception would be made for state level B.A.S.S. sanctioned fishing tournaments.

Limiting the take of trout from Patten Lake in Aurora County to two per day.

Reducing the daily limit of walleyes in Diamond Lake, Twin Lake and Beaver Lake in Minnehaha County to one walleye, walleye-sauger hybrid or sauger that is 24 inches or longer.

Imposing a daily limit of one lake trout or splake of 24 inches or greater from Pactola Reservoir.

Clarifying rules that preclude fish taken from one lake from being possessed while fishing another lake.

Opening all of Lake Oahe to use of hoop nets, traps and setlines.

Restricting importation of bait by legal anglers to fathead minnows, golden shiners, creek chubs or white suckers unless an importation permit is first obtained.

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