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Mar 11, 2001
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From Tim at Cibola Sportsmans Club

Cibola Sportsman's Club

As you all know Opening Day for Dove Hunting is always on September 1st, which this year falls on a Tuesday. Due to today's financial down turn and the fact that it may be difficult for many of our hunters to take off two or three days in the middle of a short work week, the Corbett Family has decided to postpone The 2009 South Ranch Dove Opener until Saturday, September 5th, 2009.

Nobody will shoot the South Ranch until the bell goes off at shooting time on Saturday morning. Thus giving everyone plenty of time to get their work done , pack up their gear and drive on out to Cibola for some fantastic dove hunting. We feel the South Ranch will hold the dove if they are not shot at during the week and can still offer our hunters the same fantastic Dove Hunting they have come to expect at Cibola. For those of you who can make it, we will be having our Annual Dove Hunt Dinner on Saturday, September 5th at 6:00pm and hope to see you there.

If you are a Dove Hunting purist and must shoot on Opening Day, we will be open up our North Ranch to a limited number of guests who wish to shoot on Tuesday September 1st.

In addition, we realize for some, business just ain't what it used to be, so this year we will be lowering our rate for the 2009 Dove Hunt from $250 per hunter to $200 per hunter. We hope this helps get you out hunting and away from the Newspapers, Televisions and Internet bringing the bad news of the day.

We value each and every one of you as our customers and hope these changes make a difference, so that we see you this year and many years to come at the Cibola Sportsman's Club.

Hope to see you in the field.

The Corbett Family

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