Civil War 150th anniversary. Someone finally gets it right about MO and when the war actually started

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Interesting article, and he seemed right on many things. Although I am not sure Quantrill was as evil as the author painted him.

To answer your question, I will not be going to any battle sites. Unless you consider Visalia a battle site. The San Joaquin valley was such a hotbed of southern supporters that Mr. Lincoln sent a few Union troops to Visalia to keep the farmers in their place. There was two newspapers in Visalia back then, and one supported the Union and one supported the Confederacy. The editors finally had a duel on main street, where one was wounded and later died(don't remember which one). I reckon Mr. Lincoln didn't believe in the First Amendment, cause his soldiers busted up the press of the southern newspaper.
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I already did the Civil War tour when I was a kid with my family. I got a healthy dose of respect for
what both sides went through in that conflict.

I would have liked to have seen the cannons fire on Fort Sumter, SC this week in memorium. I heard it was pretty cool!

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