Clinton antics will make Bill and Hil the next American Idles


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Jan 16, 2003
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"The amateurish ploys of the Clinton campaign are, at this point, so self-destructive that they seem tragic."
"Perhaps because of the way camera lights hit the planes of her face and the tinny distortions of her voice imposed by television microphones, something apparently evil happens. Part of Richard Nixon's comeback strategy was to overcome what was done to him by the defining force of TV when he was bilked of the presidency in 1960 then humiliated by losing a run for governor of California in 1962. "

"Hillary Clinton has never been able to figure that one out. "

"In the narrows of the idiot box, she seems to have fused in her very being the traits of self-pity and a sense of entitlement. The strategy is as common on the right as the left and, when not planned out, is usually called into play at moments of extraordinary panic. "

"That is the only explanation for the easily refuted lie Clinton told about traveling with her daughter into the Wild West dangers of Bosnia. Spooked by Obama's speech in Philadelphia, she and Bill must have decided that she had to bring the attention back to her by topping the Illinois senator in some way. "

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