Colorado Deer Unit 21 Second Season


Jul 27, 2004
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Hello All,

Just drew a Colorado unit 21 deer tag for second season. We now have 3 tags for that unit. My uncle is in his 70s and would love to see him take a nice 4 pointer. We got all the tags Off the Left Over Tag List!!!! We usually hunt Unit 22 but was not able to get a tag there. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. We are looking for a possible camping spot as well. We thought of camping around the Clyde Dillion memorial area, only cause we know that area. Is that too far from Unit 21? Just doing a little research on these forums and talked to a couple local guides and they pointed out a few areas (Texas Mountain, Brushy Point, Tommy Draw). Gonna call local biologist and warden this week. IF anybody has any information or pointers that would be great. I heard there is alot of roads and alot of glassing to do....Also were or which map is the best one to buy for that area?

Thank you!!

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