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Colorado Unit 21 Deer


Hello All,

Just drew a Colorado unit 21 deer tag for second season. We now have 3 tags for that unit. My uncle is in his 70s and would love to see him take a nice 4 pointer. We got all the tags Off the Left Over Tag List!!!! We usually hunt Unit 22 but was not able to get a tag there. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. We are looking for a possible camping spot as well. We thought of camping around the Clyde Dillion memorial area, only cause we know that area. Is that too far from Unit 21? Just doing a little research on these forums and talked to a couple local guides and they pointed out a few areas (Texas Mountain, Brushy Point, Tommy Draw). Gonna call local biologist and warden this week. IF anybody has any information or pointers that would be great. I heard there is alot of roads and alot of glassing to do....Also were or which map is the best one to buy for that area?

Thank you!!


You’ll want OnXmaps. Only mapping system I use anymore for Colorado. There are a lot of roads just like in 22. Since you’ve hunted next door, look for the same type of areas that you like to hunt in 22. There are good areas around Cathedral.

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