Commission Approves Funding Of 16 Wildlife Grant


Mar 11, 2001
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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission approved the funding of 16 grant requests to the State Wildlife Grant Program during a conference call Feb. 7.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service allocated $936,373 to the Commission for fiscal year 2003-04 through the Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program, which provides up to 75 percent cost-share projects to benefit “at-risk” fish and wildlife.

At the January Commission meeting the Commissioners laid over a decision regarding approval for distribution of funds to several grant applicants, and then passed a staff recommendation to fund the projects on Feb. 7.

The Commission received 41 grant applications totaling $2.5 million by the application deadline in October, 2002. An advisory committee recommended 16 of the projects for funding. The total amount approved by the Commission to fund the projects was $564,533.

"The large number of high quality projects demonstrates the urgent need for these funds and the strength of Nebraska's conservation community," said Mark Humpert, Commission wildlife diversity program manager. "We would have liked to fund many more projects, but demand was much greater than available funds."

The projects approved for funding, the project sponsor, and the amount of funding approved are:

-- Northeast Nebraska Oak Savannah Restoration Prairie Plains Resource Institute, $40,000;

-- Restoration of a Sandhill's Fen, Ducks Unlimited, $12,000;

-- Nebraska Tallgrass Prairie Partnership, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, $50,000;

-- Pallid Sturgeon and Sturgeon Chub Study of the Lower Platte River, Nebraska Association of Resource Districts, $48,000;

-- Building a Statewide Partnership for Bird Conservation, Nebraska Partnership for All Bird Conservation/NGPC, $18,500;

-- Shortgrass Prairie Bird Monitoring in Nebraska, with special surveys for Mountain Plover, Burrowing Owl, and Ferruginous Hawk, Nebraska Prairie Partners/Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, $80,000;

-- Sandhills Wildlife Enhancement Project, Sandhills Task Force, $30,000;

-- Biological Evaluation of Central Platte River Slough Wetland Restorations, Southern Illinois University, $32,933;

-- Invertebrate Response to Wetland Management Practices, Land-use Practices, and Restorations in the Rainwater Basin Region, Oklahoma State University, $39,297;

-- Wachiska Audubon Tallgrass Prairie Protection Program-NET Supplemental Grant, Wachiska Audubon Society, $25,000;

-- Tern and Plover Conservation Partnership: Bringing Conservationists and Resource Users Together to Address the Challenges of Endangered Species Management, University Nebraska-Lincoln, $45,000;

-- Important Bird Areas of Nebraska, Audubon Nebraska, $32,000;

-- Assessment of the Health and Reproductive Status of River Otters in Nebraska, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, $20,000;

-- Controlling Spread of nine Invasive Plant Species on Lands Owned by the Fontenelle Nature Association, Fontenelle Nature Association, $10,000;

-- Grassland Bird Response to Disking/Interseeding of Legumes on Conservation Reserve Program Lands in Northeast Nebraska, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, $49,000;

-- Tallgrass Prairie Habitat Database, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, $32,803.

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