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Considering first metal detector.....


I speak fluent Vise-Grip
I've narrowed it down to the Garrett Ace 350 or the Garrett AT Pro. I'm not sure I know the significant differences except that the Pro is waterproof to 10 feet and is the choice of the guys on Diggers. What's the difference between the two.

I have a line on a "good-used" Pro for $500 with two pointers, an assortment of digging tools and a couple of bags. My only other option is a new 350 for $300 or a new Pro for $600.

AT least those are the two that have caught my attention. Which would you recommend or is there another entirely?



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i like the tesoros i have a old bandito i bought in 96, ive paid for it several tmes in modern coins ive found, got a cibola last year but i havent use it a lot, seems to get deep signals, with my bad knees i may have to give up coin hunting

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