Contest Rules and prizes


3rd Annual Fall JHO Game Camera Pic Contest Rules and Prizes

Contest Rules:

Please post only one pic per category. You can post the same pic in several diffferent categories. No editing or changing pic allowed after 4 hours from original post. Email us if you need to change something.

Please just post pics, we'll hold off for comments until after the contest.

Pic must be yours, your families or friend's. No ripping pics that you don't own or have copyright to. If you cheat you will be disqualified.

Pics must be from home made or commercial game cams. No pics taken by regular cameras that are not part of a game cam.

You can retouch or edit your pics with photo editing software if you want to.

You can enter the contest under one name only, if you enter under more than one name you will be disqualified.

No pics with ads or URLs on them.

Please add location, date, time of pic and camera model and setup if you want to.

If you need help on how to post your pics here or how to resize your pics go here

Pics MUST be under 640 pixels wide so people don't have to scroll back and forth.

You can test posting your pics here. Please do not test posting pics here in the contest forum.

Contest will end March 31 2006. Voting for best pics will take place and prizes awarded then.

For categories we have:

21 Categories

Best Bear Pic
Best Before & After Pic
Best Whitetail Deer Pic
Best Close Up Pic
Best Design Or Most Innovative Game Camera Setup
Best Bird Pic
Best Pic Sequence (3 pics or less)
Best Varmint/Predator (fox, yote, cougar, mink, fisher, wolverine etc.)
Best Big Game (Other than deer, bear) elk, moose, hog, antelope etc.
Strangest/Weirdest Pic
Best IR (Infrared) Pic
Best Muley Or Blacktail Deer Pic
Best Airborne Pic
Funniest Pic
Best Video
Most scenic/best composition pic
Best Captioned pic
Best trespasser
Best Doe pic
Best What-Is-It? pic
Best Photoshopped pic

For prizes we have:

Complete set of Predator camo (shirt, pants, hat, facemask and gloves)
2 packs of Magnus broadheads, your choice of broadhead.
Thermacell, refill kit and holster
LE control board from PixController
Slash Flash Control board from PixController
Complete set of ASAT camo, (shirt, pants, hat, facemask and gloves)
Carolina Archery Products Whiskerbiscuit rest and Stablizer or bowsight.
Mad Dog Gear waders or knee boots, your choice
JHO glass turkey call
Webers Camo Leather Goods Hunting Memories Photo Album
Ameristep Doghouse Ground blind
2 Primos game calls or Master packs. Your pick of calls
Web Game Cam Anchor System
Sawyer First aid kit and odorless insect repellent combo pack
$50 gift certificate to JHO Store

If you would like to donate a prize to the contest from your company or yourself please contact us.

Good luck to all who enter.
And remember, this is for fun.

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