Contractor/Woodworker Needed Immediately

Where's Bruce?

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My guy just cancelled on me cuz he got a much bigger job, need a watertight sunshade built to replace this canvas gazebo next week (while my wife is out of town).

Looking for something along these lines but watertight:


If I'm hearing you correctly... You are wanting to replace a square(ish) gazebo / dining shade (that is covered with a fabric) with a structure that has the design accents of the pergola shown, but with a solid roof. Would that be correct?

One week is pretty quick. Hopefully you are able to find someone who may be available in time.

Just a few starter questions:

Flat roof or peaked (octagon with a point, or squared with a ridge) ?
Do you have dimensions?
Is it free standing and away from the house?
Is there a patio slab?
Are there existing footings in the patio?
Would you prefer wood, aluminum, or vinyl material?
Do you want any extras (ie. electrical outlet) ?

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