Controversial deer cull underway in Princeton, NJ


Mar 11, 2001
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Thursday January 17, 2002

Hunt Nets 17 Deer in Princeton, NJ

PRINCETON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) - Seventeen deer were killed during the first day of a controlled hunt in suburban Princeton Township, the state Division of Fish and Wildlife said.

The hunt started Wednesday, a day after a judge denied a request by animal rights advocates to block it. A two-judge panel will hear arguments on the advocates' lawsuit, which has been granted accelerated status. A date has not been set.

Eight deer were killed by the net and bolt method, which traps the animals before they are shot through the skull at close range. Nine were killed by sharpshooters after being lured to bait sites.

The township is paying White Buffalo Inc. of Hamden, Conn., $150,000 to thin the herd. Last year, the company's sharpshooters killed 322 deer in Princeton Township.

The deer meat is given to a distributor of food for the homeless.

Local officials claim the hunt is needed because deer have become a nuisance to homeowners and farmers and a menace to motorists. They estimate about 500 deer will be killed before April 1.

Opponents say the plan is unsafe and cruel, and violates state animal cruelty laws.
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