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Converting .308 to 6.5-284

Mr. Luckypants

Well-known member
I have an old rem 700 PSS in .308. I would like to rebarrel it in 6.5-284. Anyone know if this is possible without too much modifications?


Well-known member
I haven't played with this particular round, but IIRC it is a long action round(?).

If that is true, the short action .308 would not allow for the length of the cartridge, thereby negating the possibility of rebarreling...

Not sure, but just looked and the case COL is set for 3.228". Off the top of my head, I couldn't say definitively whether that would work in a short action or not...I'm thinking not...


Well-known member
I think a short action is too short to maximize a 6.5x284. Might as well go with a .260.


Well-known member
Do any one of you guys know a gunsmith in southern cal that can do rebarreling.. specially in the SF vally.

And to answer the OP. no the length of the 284 is long....

Mr. Luckypants

Well-known member
Dang. this is an old post.

I went with a 260 instead. In fact, I have two .260s. I never modified the rem pss but instead went with Savage. I'm glad I did as I do not need a gunsmith now. :)


I had a Remington 700 .308 short action. I converted it into a 6.5 x 284. I understood the limitations and built it around the fact that I'd be shooting 130gr out of it, which is fine for Blacktail deer. I'm happy with it.

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