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Jan 24, 2007
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So looking on ebay there are 35mm setups going for $20 and $30. These have the box, battery hookups and the sensor. Has anyone figured out a good way to just pop out the film camera, slap in a digital and fire it up? It seems like this would be alot cheaper than buying a new case, sensor, etc.

Is there one specific brand of the old 35mm setups that worked better than the others or had a better case? I would think that with some trial and error there would be one of those old setups that could almost be a swap out for fit with a digital camera for the 35mm camera. I have no idea about the electronic side of things though.

Just throwing an idea out there. I'm sure it has been thought of before and it must be harder than I think because I don't see anyone doing it.


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May 19, 2004
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No this cannot be done. You see the trigger for shuttering a picture for the film cameras is different that that which is needed for the digitals. The digitals either have to be left ON and allowed to go into a semi-sleep mode and then kept active through periodic REFRESH pulses. These timings are individual depending on the digital camera. The other digitals are setup as an ON/OFF cameras. They start off in the OFF condition and when the control board senses motion/heat through the PIR then send a power ON signal, charge the flash cap, shutter the picture, and then turn the camera back OFF. Both of these methods of controlling the digitals are completely different that the film units. There they only have to shutter the picture.

Within each of the digital methods above there are specific timings for each camera that are programmed on the chip differently.

The best film units used to be the Canon Owl 35 mm systems. They have taken lots of pics over the years and did a good job.

Hope this helps you with understanding why this has not been done in the past.

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