Converting Mossberg 500 youth size shotgun


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Might be a dumb question but will any barrel and stock (for a 20ga 500) fit on a youth size 20ga 500? I assume so but figured it couldn't hurt to check.
I want to throw a new stock and 28" barrel on this thing so my "little guy" can start using it again.


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when I purchased a new barrel for my mossberg 500 i spent close to $200. that was with out the stock. looking back I should have spent $300 and got a new 870.
Best of luck.


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should not be an issue. I love mine. Came with 2 barrels, 20" Security barrel and 28"Waterfow barrel that I use for all my bird hunting. Bought the Rifled slug barrel with open sights. Shooting and hitting targets at 250yds with 3" 1oz Federal Copper slugs. Kicks like a mule with that one tho! OUCH!

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