Corporate jet hits deer on suburban Chicago runway


Mar 11, 2001
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Airplane hits deer crossing runway

Airport fence not blocking animals
By Carolyn Starks, Chicago Tribune staff reporter

April 3, 2002

A corporate jet collided with a deer Monday at the Lake in the Hills Airport, leaving pilots bitter about a peanut butter-laced electric fence that was supposed to keep deer off the runway.

The twin-engine Cessna II aborted takeoff when the pilot saw about seven deer crossing the runway. The jet, traveling at 100 m.p.h., slammed into a deer, which ruptured the left wing fuel tank and dumped 70 gallons of jet fuel on the runway. The two-man crew was not injured. The deer died on impact.



"I think the people who own these airplanes are getting concerned about their safety and rightfully so," said Howard Seedorf, president of Northern Illinois Flight Center, which owns the Cessna. "It doesn't appear that the peanut butter fence is working."

In March, a private jet piloted by two of the flight center's crew members collided with a deer on the runway, causing about $32,000 in damage to the plane's nose gear and doors. The crew was not injured.

Installed in October, the fence resembles a piece of gray tape that runs the length of the runway. Peanut butter is used to attract the deer--in particular, their noses--to the fence so they will get a slight shock and learn to keep away.

Airport manager Fred Mullard said the fence was meant to be a temporary solution. The village hopes to receive a state and federal grant to install a $300,000 chain-link fence next year.

Meanwhile, pilots have reported seeing deer on or near the runway weekly.

The fence "never was intended to be 100 percent effective. It has reduced some of the deer traffic, but obviously not enough to prevent everything," Mullard said. "We're looking to see if there are any other options, but we've looked before and haven't found anything.

"Right now, we're coming close on the end of options."


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Aug 20, 2002
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Wonder if any of those 7 were from the recently sterilized batch?!  I'm sorry, but animals like that don't belong in the BIG CITY.

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