Coyote Controled At 35 Yards With 12 Gage Single-Shot Crack-Barrel , Warning Dead Coyote.


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Oct 2, 2003
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This past weekend I made 6 stands with 1 fox and 1 owl showing up, but on the appearedon top of this levee. It responded at about the 15 minute mark to a rat duet atlow volume. This stand is one that produced a coyote for me 3 years ago and Icall it from time to time. At this stand I sit inside the cover and shade of arather large creosote bush. The coyote was fixated on the caller and I smoothlyplaced the bead on him. And before I let loose the load of Remington 3” Express#4 buckshot from the old trusty 12 gage single-shot cack-barrel I kissed athim, and when he looked I let him have it. This coyote is about 4 or 5 yearsold according to one of the tooth aging charts on line.

I found the sidewinder by a rock at one of the stands.



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