Coyote grabs Vancouver Girl By Head


Mar 11, 2001
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Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Coyote grabs girl by head, By CP of the Calgary Sun.

VANCOUVER -- A wildlife expert is recommending a program to kill urban coyotes after the second attack against a child in the Vancouver area this month.

But a B.C. wildlife official said yesterday that while the offending coyote will be tracked down and killed, there are no plans for a large-scale cull.

A one-year-old girl was sent to hospital after a coyote entered the yard of her family's Vancouver home Monday.

While her mother gardened nearby, the coyote grabbed the little girl by the head. The mother managed to chase the animal away but the toddler needed several stitches.

The incident comes about a week after another coyote tried to drag a six-year-old girl into some bushes near a suburban tennis court. In another incident this summer, some coyotes turned on a Vancouver-area girl who pursued one of them into their wooded den.

The executive director of the B.C. Wildlife Federation warned the number of attacks will grow unless wildlife officials cull the population of city-dwelling coyotes.

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