Coyote heaven


Aug 16, 2001
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 Went out the other day to listen to the gobblers so i would know where they are in my hunting area,on the walk from my truck to a ridge where i listen i counted over a dozen rabbits and was thinking that it would be a good place to be if i was a coyote.
 About 30 mins after daylight i heard something behind me and turned to look,Coyote less than 30 yrds trotting by,wow,i had no gun Bummer.but then after 15 minutes another larger Coyote came up the hill from in front of me,triotted to where i seen the other and started trailing,got wind of me and turned and ran right back by me.Now i was really bumming.
 Im guessing the first was a female and the second was the male because he  was noticably bigger.
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