Coyote Hunt on TV

Brian S

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May 17, 2001
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Last night on the discovery channel they did some profile type show on the  Condor and Coyote and their lives in the grand canyon area. They showed the mother coyote rearing her pups in an old ranch house and her hunt for food. There was lots of good footage on this show of a day in the life of a coyote family. Then they had the hunter who apeared to be "native american" setting up a camo blind and an electric caller. They said that the hunter was pursuing the dogs because of a dead calf that was thought to have been taken down by the pack. This was about the only slap against hunting coyotes. Saying that his justification for killing them was based on false information.
  Well the hunter bopped mom with a marlin 30-30. Then later her pups now grown, got into this guys trash cans and he nailed 2 of the 3 but 2 escaped, the wounded dog survived. The final camera shot was of them on some canyon over look, having survived the rifle and all of man's previous attempts to kill off their kind today their number flourish.
   I thought this show was suprisingly fair to hunters unless I missed something flashing back and forth to the Simpsons.


Apr 3, 2002
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I saw the same show. It was surprisingly refreshing for a non-hunting channel to provide that open of an opinion on hunting.

I would like to know how they got those camera shots though.

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