Coyote Hunt with Me Video, Beginners or Those That Want To See My Setup, No Kill But Coyote Shows


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Oct 2, 2003
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CoyoteHunt with Me on Video, For the Beginners or anyone that wants to see how I makea stand, the first video is 19 minutes long and the second video is 8 minuteslong, if you just want to see the glimpse of the coyote it is at the 19:11 markon the video and you can use the photograph that I have posted to pin point thecoyote:

I called in 2 coyotes yesterday that I only saw after I got up to move, and atanother stand 1 showed that I couldn't get a shot on. I captured that on my GoPro. Ihad seen fresh tracks and scat in the road, the stands were at least 6 milesapart. There is a strict strategy to fooling coyotes and or defeating theirsenses. In my area coyotes are moving and responding up to late in the morning,they are paired up and have showed after I played in the following sequence,coyote pup rabbit, lightning jack, then coyote pup in distress, on and offvariable volumes, they all seem to come in after 15 minutes of calling.

Youcan go on a typical coyote hunt with me if you click on the video. The firstvideo is 19 minutes long and depicts my calling sequences; the coyote comes inat 17:11 minute mark on the video. I have pointed out the travel of approachthat the coyote took and I have circled the coyote in the photograph, thecoyote had a large white chest patch and looked to be very large for aroundhere. I’ve hunted these coyotes before and my mistake was trying to stop thiscoyote too soon, before it got closer to the caller. I would have normallywaited until the coyote would got to the caller or as close as it was going toget. But for the purpose of capturing the coyote on video I did what I could,still felt good to capture the coyote on film. That’s one of the reasons Idon’t make videos that often, but I’m going to keep trying.
Thesecond video is 8 minutes long and it depicts me trying to coax the coyote backand waiting to see if I can get the coyote to respond. I give a 360 degree viewof the stand and a short critique.

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