Coyote hunting near riverside


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My son who just turned 13 has gained a serious interest in coyote hunting. I think its due to all the yote huntersd he sees on social media.

I have bought him a Fox pro fusion, decoys and everything else he needs to get started.

We have been out a few times and he has either missed (to be expected-buck fever) or had yotes stop outside of shotgun distance(shotgun only areas).

My problem is we are out of locations that i am familiar with to continue to hunt them. Most of the spots I would hunt 15+ years ago are either burned, gated off or now private property. I personally have not specifically hunted yotes in over 10 years.

I have my kids on the weekends or extra days they get off of school and try to take them out as much as possible.

Let me know if you have any advise. Fell free to Pm me or invite on any hunts.

Thank you in advance.
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You can check the maps of the San Bernardino Nat Forest to see where you can hunt. I have seen coyotes in the winter up Hwy 38 uphill from Barton Flats by some of the campgrounds. There may be open areas in that vicinity.

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