Coyote Hunting San Diego


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Feb 12, 2010
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Hey Guys and Gals-
Was wondering if anyone had some advice for hunting coyotes in San Diego. Been looking at different parts of Cleveland NF and have been wondering where are some good spots to scout for them. I have a .257 Roberts and was looking to get after the coyotes after a very disappointing turkey opener. Is it better to hunt early morning or afternoon? What calls are a must and what regulations do i need to know? Thanks for the help


Dec 22, 2001
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Go past the Lark Canyon Off-Road area, about 6 or 7 miles and you will come to Cottonwood Camp ground. You can hunt in this area as long as you are half a mile away from the campground. I THINK. Go out and spent the night, and scout around. McCain Valley Rd ends about 2 miles up from Cottonwood, there is State Park land off to the N/east. If you go by yourself keep a eye open for mountain lions. I have seen their tracks all over the north end of McCains. . The F ing Sunrise Power link is going through the area so we may not be able to hunt out there in the future. A lot of things have changed out there since I started going out there in the early 70s.

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